Pres. Alcala calls for holistic student development

At the onset of the new academic year, Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) president encouraged the faculty and staff to aim for holistic development of students.

In his open letter dated June 5, 2017, Pres. Erwin Vincent G. Alcala reminded the members of the academic community to perform their duties guided by the vision and mission of the school.

“Our institution shall endeavour to see to it that the learning process all throughout the time that the students are inside the campus is geared towards maintaining our avowed vision and mission,” Pres. Alcala wrote.

The 52-year old president called for ensuring that the students will grow holistically.

“Our educational thrust and obligation is time and again centered more on academic, social, cultural and intellectual development so that our young people can grow up to be responsible, productive and engaged citizens of the country,” Pres. Alcala said.

Moreover, the president emphasized the educational strategies of SPSPS which are in line with the UNESCO’s 21st Century Education focus. (Story by Jerwin Bethoven del Pilar)

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