As Saint Paul School of Professional Studies reaches its 23rd year, the streams of improvement have been continuous. From being one of the smallest schools in the region way back 1994, it has flourished into an institution that has established its name in the limelight. In the midst of all uncertainties, SPSPS remains persistent – constantly striving for the realization of its goals, one step at a time.

The school envisions itself as a world-class professional learning institution, geared with the ideals of service and excellence, responding to the call of globalization. Although this vision may sound difficult (and even if it means taking a lot of risks and putting into a lot of investments in the process), SPSPS never stops in doing its best to be at par with other prestigious schools in the region and across the globe.

With the great leadership the school president has shown in the past few years, SPSPS has completely undergone metamorphosis. The installation of air-conditioning units in the classrooms, renovation of the school lounge and clinic, and the implementation of technologically-advanced security measures and the 5S cleaning system are some of the concrete manifestations of progress on school facilities and student services.

Furthermore, the changing of its name from Saint Paul School of Business and Law to Saint Paul School of Professional Studies is one of the biggest shifts the school has done for years. Bearing this name, the school plans to offer more degree programs other than commerce and accountancy and produce more professionals in diverse fields. Since the school is aiming to establish global competence, the improvements done are its stepping stone in creating partnerships and strengthening international ties.

The school has still a long way to go. It may take a few more years before this vision will finally be realized. Yet through the efforts it has made, SPSPS is on track to reaching greater heights and creating better opportunities for its stakeholders.

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