Paulinian Scribe wins big in nat’l media confab

Three members of the Paulinian Scribe editorial board topped writing and editing contests during the 11th School Press Advisers Movement (SPAM) Inc. National Media Conference held at Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan on Sept. 13-15, 2017.

Despite being a first-timer and having only a week-long of training and preparation, the team was able to rake 4 medals and notch places in the top 10 in the individual contests, beating other 60 competing journalists from colleges and universities across the country.

Amor Eloise Morano, who is currently serving as the editor-in-chief, reaped gold and bronze medals for winning first place in News Editing (English) and third place in Lead Writing (English).

“It was an unexpected win. The feeling of victory was overwhelming knowing that we managed to outdo our co-competitors from elite schools all over the Philippines who had more experience in joining big competitions like this,” Morano shared.

Managing editor Miguel Millante also bagged two medals after finishing first in Lead Writing (Filipino) and third in DSLR Photojournalism (Filipino).

Jerwin Bethoven del Pilar, the publication’s associate editor, won fifth place in Editorial Writing (English) and sixth place in DSLR Photojournalism (English).

“SPAM Inc. serves as a platform for campus journalists to enhance their learnings and skills through the different workshops and contests initiated by the organization,” del Pilar said. (Story by Angela Deanne Entereso)

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