Our country became one of the world’s Covid-19 longest lockdowns.

In a world full of uncertainties, we walk by its side blindly, unknowing of where every step may take us, and what doors every move may open.

We were prompted to abandon some of our usual routine, and settle into the new ones, all the while adapting to the abrupt changes in our surroundings. One question lingers in this time of pandemic: “How are we coping up with this pandemic?” The ‘new normal’ setup may have already embraced us in its warmth, but adapting to it is no piece of cake.

In this setup, the most evident change is the constant wearing of face masks and face shields every time we all step out of our homes. With the pandemic, no one can be more careful while out in the open. This practice not only protects ourselves but most especially our friends, families, and everyone we come in contact with. Since the pandemic took over the country, we have been careful of the things we do, the places we go to, and the people we socialize with.

In public places, at least a meter distance between people is needed, mostly practiced when queueing in stores and restaurants. Public transports also implement the one-meter distance between passengers, cutting their maximum capacity by half, and putting up barriers in between passengers to lessen the contact.

Schools and students also experience changes, as both adapt to the ‘new normal’ teaching and learning methods. With some schools still closed for face-to-face classes, students have to pursue their studies in the comforts of their homes, through virtual meetings or modules provided by their schools. With this sudden change, students and instructors alike practice effective and efficient time management to balance school loads and personal life.

However, the most drastic change that can be observed during these trying times is through the way we socialize and connect with one another. The fact that we have to keep at least a meter distance from our friends and families limits us from having the usual connection with them.

Amidst all the hardships we’ve been through this pandemic, the new normal have meant a lot to us. We learned to put the importance of our health and safety first amongst other unnecessary matters; embracing major upheavals in our lives showed how effectively we can adapt to it; the bond with our loved ones and our being generous in lending a hand to those in need became profound, and; most importantly, the extent of sacrifices we are all willing to do is way beyond, for ourselves and families.

The term “new normal” may bring about different ideas for every person who hears it, but we all know that it involves every single being in the world. It is indeed a challenge, living in this setup, but knowing how much it helped us realize some things, this new normal, is not that stringent after all.

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