Amid struggling with own problems caused by the current pandemic, students and teachers alike still pursue lending a hand to those facing their own difficulties as well. Provided the adversity of these times, some cannot fathom the possibility of being able to help others. Yet, Paulinians prove that generosity and goodwill are not dependent on one’s own struggles—upholding the values cultivated in them prevails.

The challenges everybody faces favor no one. Every individual encounters problem upon problems—financially, mentally, socially, and above all, the anxiety of acquiring the feared disease. It has indeed been a tough year, but diamonds in the rough were formed, in the shape of young heroes doing their best in their own little, impactful, and life-changing ways.


With Covid-19 threatening the health of students and school personnel, the academic institution is forced to adapt a new education system. Teachers are hustling to get everything done on time in the same manner that students work on their deliverables. Having adapted a flexible learning system, students are given the choice to either indulge in Home-based Learning (HBL) where instructors provide print-outs and modules with an entire semester’s worth of lessons and activities, or participate in virtual classes through e-Learning (EL). Even with these learner-friendly options, some still struggle with particular courses, especially those that are better taken up face-to-face.

Given this, first year BSA student Erica Claros says she approaches her classmates or batchmates when getting stuck up on a topic.

“I message them [classmates] and ask for help, to explain some unfamiliar terms, or to dissect formulas and how come the answer became such,” she says. “They’re happy to help, and I’ll also be glad to lend a hand to others when asked for it.”

Adjusting to the new mode of learning, students have also developed preferred learning styles and techniques that help them better retain the knowledge they acquired from their classes.


While students encounter hardships like balancing their school loads and home chores, they are still able to reach out to those in need of their assistance. They continue to uphold the values cultivated in them by the institution by unhesitatingly acting on things that are right to do.

Aside from helping others, Paulinians also take this moment to have time for oneself and reflect upon all the fast-paced events happening in their surroundings.

“With the start of the pandemic, I also became generous not only to others, but also with my time for myself; I think spending time with myself helped me cope with the situation,” says Juhdiela Faye Pauner, 3rd year Marketing Major and the current president of Saint Paul Junior Marketing Association (SPJMA).

The current pandemic has been unforgiving to everyone—taking innocent lives, leaving numerous workers unemployed, hindering effective learning, and more. Yet amid these, all had time to reflect on their lives and how short and cruel it is. This made everyone realize the importance of every second with families and friends, with themselves.

Coping with the current situation may have been a challenge, but Paulinians are equipped with character and values that make them stand out from others. They strive to learn, help, and pursue excellence despite rough roads. Paulinian resilience is unrivaled—honed by an institution built with a strong foundation.

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