PAPSAS-R8 holds EV’s first leadership summit

The Philippine Association of Practitioners of Student Affairs and Services (PAPSAS) – Region 8 held its first leadership training in Eastern Visayas.

The training workshop, dubbed PAPSAS Regional Leadership Summit, was held at the Mary Ngo Auditorium of Saint Paul School of Professional Studies (SPSPS) from May 30-31, 2022.

Distinguished speakers graced the convention to convey knowledge on diverse facets of student leadership and organizational procedures to over 150 student leaders and advisers from 36 universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the region.

Ryan Ilaida, participant and student council president of the Visayas State University (VSU), said the event strengthened his sense of leadership and responsibility. 

“I realized that a leader must possess the credibility, burning passion, and the dedication to serve the student body to be an effective leader not only inside the campus,” he said. 

The lecturers during the leadership summit include SPSPS President Dr. Erwin Vincent G. Alcala, Hon. Mark Unlu-cay, Prof. Maria Charito L. Suyom, Mr. Jomari Abellar, Mr. Antonio Cinco Jr., Prof. Jerauld Lirios, Mr. Miguel Lemuel Emmanuel T. Dumas, Prof. Carlo B. Afable, and Dr. Renelyn B. Salcedo.

The topics discussed were transformational leadership, attributes of passionate leaders, organizational document preparation, budget and auditing, project planning and conceptualization, sports activities, sociocultural activities, academic activities, effective leadership communication, effective coaching and mentoring strategies, and managing challenges with colleagues.

Tacloban City Vice Mayor and final keynote speaker Jerry “Sambo” Yaokasin mentored the attendees on basic parliamentary procedures encompassing the rules, ethics, and customs governing the meetings of an organization. He stressed that the most critical aspect of good leadership is the ability to make proper decisions.

“Who you are right now is the total of your daily decisions, and who you will be in the future will also be the total of your daily decisions,” he said. 

He also quoted Alan Autry, an American politician, saying that leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation.

Headed by the incumbent PAPSAS president and SPSPS Dean of Student Affairs, Lowe S. Tana, with the SPSPS Paulinian Student Government (PSG), the first regional leadership convention conducted by the organization in the region was commended by the attendees. 

Arianne Casiding, a particiapnt from Eastern Samar State University- Salcedo Campus, lauded how PAPSAS-R8 organized the event.

“How the event was organized is commendable. I like the speakers, how timely and student-centered the topics were, and the fact that the event is well-thought-out just by the topics discussed,” she said.

The leadership conference, themed “Boundless Leadership and Resilience Amidst the Defiance of Today’s Set-Up,” was geared towards developing 21st-century leaders among the youth across the region.

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